Ian Field-Richards
aka Ian Field-Richards


aka Ian Field-Richards


About Me

I have long been interested in the darker side of art, being fascinated with alternative artists and comics when I was young and now later in my life, with artists like Brom, HR Giger and Wayne D. Barlowe. While the majority of my illustration has a darker theme to it I also have lighter moments where I find myself enjoying more abstract forms.

The galleries here are a brief look into the odd place that is my head. Enjoy.

To view my Professional Experience, please visit my Linkedin page, which can be found here.

Tools of the Trade

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Wacom Intuos4 tablet
Sweet, Milky Coffee
Loud Heavy Music


"Her Valentine" Published in 'Exotique' and 'Exposť 3 - Finest digital art in the known universe', both by Ballistic Publishing, 2005
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